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Building Your DX Capability

Demystifying DX- Executive Uplift Program

With all the hype in the market these days, one of the key challenges is understanding what to pay attention to. How are organisations actually creating value by applying technologies and what does digital transformation look like in practice? These are just some of the questions that executives are typically speaking t us about.   IntAgile offer a short education program to demystify the art of Digital Transformation, educating executives on the core elements to pay attention to, the accelerators to increase speed to value and the enablers that savvy organisations are deploying to enable DX at speed and scale.

Digital Leadership

Traditional organisations, hierarchies, leadership styles and processes are most often the biggest causes of inertia and in fact failure during change effort. Unwinding behaviours and processes that simply slow you down requires dedicated and focussed leadership prepared to make difficult choices to enable DX.  As John Keynes famously said, “The difficulty lies not so much in creating new ideas but escaping from the old ones”. In our Digital Leadership program, we work with your leaders to quickly identify how they can build momentum behind DX.

Building your DX Strategy

Every organisation’s digital journey is going to be unique base on your specific market, your digital ambition and the organisational readiness for adopting emerging digital practices. Based on our experience of working with large and medium sized organisations both in the public and private sector we have crafted an approach to aid senior leaders navigate the Digital Transformation journey.

Our approach helps you define the most appropriate course for your organisation covering the following key areas


Digital Ambition

Clarity on your digital ambition whether you are optimising your existing business or innovating with disruptive technologies to create new business models or revenue streams.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Identifies the capabilities necessary now and in the future to match your digital ambition and unlock digital value in your organisation. We help you consider the role of ecosystems in achieving your digital objectives so you do not have to establish all the capabilities internally to sustain your journey. 

Wondering if your organisations digital transformation (DX) capabilities match its digital ambition. This easy to complete 12 question survey helps you understand the capabilities that you already have and those that might still be required to ensure your organisations digital success

Want to know how your organisations digital transformation capability stacks up?

Get your Free 12 point Maturity Assessment here

Preparing for DX - Holistic Technology Assessment Service

The technology assessment service gathers key information to help define a technology road map between current and target future operating models required to support the company strategy and DX plans. The assessment requires an objective, experienced perspective, combined with the practical knowledge to develop the plan to meet future business strategy and IT goals. The Technology Assessment service takes a holistic approach, analysing key aspects of the business strategy (and alignment with IT),  IT or technology function of your company and technology environment, and providing your organisation with a plan to reach its strategic technology goals.

When is it needed?

Your company requires a Technology Assessment when you’ve encountered any of the following needs:

  • Need to Double Velocity and 5 or 10x Scale: Business is booming, and development speed needs to double in the next few months and applications need to scale

  • Tech Stack upgrades or changes required: Is outdated technology holding back the business from taking advantage of new opportunities or defending against disruption? A rapid upgrade of the technology stack may be required to satisfy new business agility, strategy objectives while continuing to serve existing customers with little disruption

  • M&A: How good is the technology of the target company? Are the technology, team, methodology and tools capable of meeting the objectives of the investment thesis?

  • Turn-around: Figure out why the IT team is not working at optimal productivity levels. Is it leadership, technological debt, tech stack, people, methodology, tools? Recommend corrective action

  • If the IT department is usually a cost centre focused on keeping the lights on and there is a need to move them to lead business strategy, business optimisation and innovation agenda’s

So where are you on the Information Management maturity framework?

The Intagile version of the IDC Maturityscape framework is one way to assess your information management maturity at a very high level and provide some insights on your current state of your all-important data and business information.  If you need help to get a more detailed technology review or advance your information maturity level to support your DX strategy please contact us.

Information Architecture
Your Information Architecture is a foundational element for successful DX

Once you understand your information management maturity at a high level, the next step is to take a deeper look into your information architecture. The below layered framework can provide a vehicle for further discovery and investigation across three important DX dimensions namely:

  • Leadership and operating model DX

  • Omnichannel experience DX

  • Workforce DX


Contact us for more information on the technology architecture required for a successful DX

Digital Transformation Canvas

We work with you to consider your existing initiatives, how they may be scaled across the enterprise and identify how you can adjust the seven core levers of digital transformation to establish the appropriate capabilities across technology, process and people and ensure you have the right organisational environment for those capabilities to flourish.

Digital Roadmap

We understand the need to keep the lights on in your existing business whilst transitioning to being more digital and will help you develop a digital road map that is aligned to your organisational strategy and accounts for your legacy business and its associated infrastructure and ways of working

Enabling your DX Journey

Our approach enables “on hand” capabilities to support your journey with an emphasis on building your capability to deliver DX


Change Leadership

We have proven team and individual based coaching programs, supporting your leaders to make the necessary changes in the way they work to improve performance. Leading change requires purposeful, engaged and authentic leaders dealing with the unknown, taking the organisation on the journey whilst creating excitement for the future

Organisation Change and Adoption

The barriers to successful digital transformation are often cited as being more organisational than technological. Regardless of where you are on your digital journey we can help you establish a structured organisational change strategy and practical interventions to drive digital adoption.


Prioritisation at a strategic and operational level is critical to success. Prioritising increases the success rates of strategic projects, increases the alignment and focus of senior management teams around strategic goals, clears all doubts for the operational teams when faced with decisions, and, most important, builds an execution mindset and culture.

IntAgile can facilitate a prioritisation and alignment process to enhance not only the strategic dialogue and alignment at the top of the organisation but to cascade and connect objectives across the organisation.

Program Reviews

Our specialist project and change management resources can critically review either inflight or recently completed programs, to access governance, methodology, risk and team effectiveness.  Whether it is learning from completed or abandoned projects or rescuing in flight, the team at IntAgile have deep expertise that can be deployed quickly to meet your needs

Resource Augmentation

Get the right expertise for your projects

Organisations that can turn strategy into reality faster than their competitors gain competitive advantage.

Selecting the right delivery and resourcing model is not an easy task and can cost more than just money if you get it wrong. Balancing capability, with flexibility and cost on projects is critical

What Problems Do We Solve?

Organisations who are unclear where to start their DX journey or lack skills or experience internally to get started


Organisations who have tried DX but not fully succeeded.  Why? Because they have tried, understand the challenge, so are willing to take advice


Our method particularly works to unstick organisations who have experienced being stuck at DX


DX problems manifesting in any of the core DX streams of leadership/ culture and people, processes and technology

Big Skills Problem: Digital transformation (DX) technologies and services will account for more than half of all information and communications technology (ICT) spending by 2023, according to IDC.